NordVPN vs Surfshark: Which provider is best?

Picking thecan be a difficult process, and it can be hard for individuals to directly compare providers thanks to the sheer wealth of information available. That’s why we’re pitting top providers head to head, focusing on the key features that should influence your decision – here, it’svs.

Possibly the most famous VPN service on the market, NordVPN is known not only for its TV ads and sports sponsorships, but its seriously security-focused product which is trusted by millions worldwide.

If you’re a sucker for a name-brand, NordVPN will probably be at the top of your list. With unbeatable encryption, useful apps for tons of devices and excellent streaming power, it’s a force to be reckoned with – and it’s pretty good value at $3.71 a month.

If you’re after a great-value VPN that still offers a powerful, premium experience, Surfshark could be the right choice for you. At just $2.49 a month, you can secure your data on any and all your devices thanks to its great apps and unlimited connections policy.

NordVPN vs Surfshark – specs on paper
NordVPN Surfshark
Number of servers: 5,400+ 3,200+
Server countries: 59 65
Maximum simultaneous connections: 6 Unlimited
Money back guarantee: 30 days 30 days
Lowest monthly cost: $3.71 $2.49

NordVPN vs Surfshark: Which is more affordable?

As a major factor in most people’s decision, we’ll look at pricing first

Surfshark’s one-month plan is pretty pricey in the grand scheme, coming in at $12.95 – that rivals the upper echelons on VPN pricing, on a par with the excellent but expensive.

However, commit to a longer plan and you’ll start saving big. A six-month plan will set you back just $6.49 a month, and subscribing for a year will.

Do be aware that the 12-month plan includes 12 free months, which is what makes the stated price so low – but even after renewal prices are below $5 a month.