Microsoft Edge is getting a killer new feature Chrome doesn’t have

Microsoft Edge is getting a new “performance mode” which will give it a boost over rival browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

This performance mode will automatically optimize your web browsing speed and responsiveness, plus it will reduce CPU, RAM, and battery usage. In particular, this mode will be of benefit to users when running the browser alongside additional applications or even gaming, as it will free up space to be used by more power-hungry programs. 

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has been testing out the performance mode and the results are pretty significant. The publication found that Edge would force a tab into sleep mode within five minutes of not being used in performance mode, whereas using Sleeping Tabs alone it took two hours before a tab entered a lower-usage state.  

The feature is surprisingly smart as well. For example, if you have a tab that is playing music or a video, which you want to listen to in the background while performing other tasks, Edge won’t automatically put that tab in sleep mode and will keep it active. This should be handy for people who like to listen to music/video while using programs like PhotoShop or while gaming. 

As noted, Chrome users have been complaining for a while now about the significant strain the browser puts on a device’s RAM and power consumption, so this feature may well convince a few users to make a permanent switch to Edge later this year. 

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