How to get Snapchat filters on Zoom

Remote meetings can be a lot more fun if you learn how to get Snapchat filters on Zoom. All you need is the Zoom desktop software and Snap Camera software and in a few minutes, you can set a Snapchat filter on your Zoom video.

As one of the, Zoom makes it easy to set up a conference call from your device. It’s one of the most popular ways people are staying in touch with colleagues, friends and family still still staying at home and social distancing. If you know, you can participate in virtual work meetings, fitness classes, happy hours and more. 

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story. Options include the fiery ‘this is fine’ meme or famous sitcom couches (or any other of the). Combining filters and backgrounds is likely an easy way to leave you and your call mates cracking up for as long as you’re on the line.

Snapchat filters for Zoom are a great way to mix up your Zoom calls (and one of the ways Zoom stands out in our  face-off). While the filters aren’t offered directly through Zoom, it’s simple to get them to use for your next video chat. 

You’ll need to download, a product from Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc., to bring filters to life in your Zoom calls. Snap Camera has been available since 2018, letting users mix up their video chats with lenses made popular by Snapchat.

Here’s how to get Snapchat filters on Zoom.

How to get Snapchat filters on Zoom

1. Download to your PC or Mac. You’ll need to agree to the privacy policy and enter your email address to access the download.

2. Complete the installation process and accept the app’s camera and microphone permissions.

3. Select a filter from the Snap Camera window that appears once you’ve finished installing the app.

4. Close and re-open Zoom on your computer.

5. Choose Snap Camera in the video settings of the Zoom preferences. You should now see your selected filter in your video preview.

To change your Snapchat filter in Zoom, keep Snap Camera open and shuffle through the collection of lenses available on the app. Your webcam is using the feed from Snap Camera for your video call, so whatever filter you see in Snap Camera is also being seen by the other members in your Zoom meeting.

Now that you’ve learned how to add Snapchat filters to your Zoom call, check our our guide for. The last thing you need is for some ne’er-do-well messing with your fun.

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