Can using a VPN when gaming lower ping?

Success in online gaming, particularly for fast-paced shooters, real-time strategy games, and multiplayer online battle arena games, depends on your ability to make split-second decisions. If you have a slow connection to the online game servers, you experience delays. This latency is known as ping time, and a high ping time can put you at a significant disadvantage to your competitors.

Theclients can be used to connect to the internet through servers situated around the world. And acould be a useful tool if you experience high ping in your favorite online games. In this article, we look at how the use of a VPN might lower ping times in certain situations.

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What is ping?

to connect through New York instead—effectively bypassing the issue.

Secondly, using a VPN encrypts your connection, so your ISP or school won’t be able to see what you’re using your connection for. This can improve ping times when there is throttling or blocking in place.

Thirdly, a VPN can be used to connect through a geographical server of your choice. Sometimes, this can help you gain access to alternative online game servers that aren’t oversubscribed.

Does a VPN always reduce ping?

A VPN can’t solve all high ping problems. If you’re in Australia and connecting to servers in the US, for example, the high ping time caused by geographical distance can’t be overcome through the use of a VPN.

Similarly, if your high ping problems stem from a slow internet connection, employing a VPN won’t magically fix your issues.

Bottom line

If you have a high ping time when playing online games, you’re at a disadvantage compared to players with a low ping time. High ping times are caused by poor internet connections, overloaded servers, and long distances between gaming servers.

A VPN can improve ping time when your ISP or school is throttling peer-to-peer connectivity. It can also help when there are temporary server outages online. If you think a VPN could help reduce ping time in your situation, you can try aor ato test your theory.

Which VPN do we recommend?

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