Best video editing software 2021

The best video editing software gives you all the tools you need to make epic movies that will delight your audience. Plus, it needn’t cost a fortune: for less than $100 you can get complex packages that let even amateur video editors add special effects, apply stunning filters and cut together complex scenes.

These video editors are also more powerful, easier to use, and more widely accessible than would have seemed possible a few years back. But that said, you still have to choose wisely. Not all video editing software is built for the same audience, so you’ll need to think carefully about your needs. 

Many of the best video editing software programs in this list come in at less than $100, but some are aimed at novices, while others are better suited to more advanced users.

Read on for our pick of the best video editing software. 

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Top three video editors in 2021

Premiere Pro is our pick of the best video editing software. It’s the video editing program used by professionals the world over, thanks to its user-friendly interface and best-in-class feature set. Because of its price (Premiere Pro starts at $20.99 per month), it’s best for those who plan to do a lot of video editing.

This video editor is less expensive than Premier Pro, but still has a wealth of cutting-edge features. It’s a great choice, especially if you’re a Windows user. (The new Mac version is good, but lacks the complete feature-set). PowerDirector 365 starts at $51.99 for an annual subscription.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is powerful but easy-to-learn, and can be used to create simple videos without fuss. That’s not to say Corel VideoStudio Ultimate doesn’t have a great feature-set: it supports a huge array of tools for when you’re ready to make more complex videos. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate costs $99.99.

What is the best video editing software?

After testing a number of programs, Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 is the best video editing software overall. Although it’s missing some newer technologies, such as 360-degree video and multicam editing, it’s got an intuitive interface and a gentle learning curve — something amateur video editors will especially appreciate. That said, it’s got plenty of advanced features, so professionals will also feel right at home. And, it works with both Mac and Windows.

Windows — and now Mac users— will also want to check out CyberLink PowerDirector 365. It has an impressive range of features but still manages to shape everything into an easy-to-use interface. Unlike Elements 2021, PowerDirector 365 supports 360-degree video editing. It also has more advanced audio editing tools and a larger library of visual effects. It’s finally available for Mac as well as Windows, though the Windows version has a few more features.

If you’re on a tight budget, HitFilm Express is a solid pick. It came out on top in our round-up of the, and with good reason. It’s user-friendly, with a great selection of resources and online tutorials, and frequent updates, and well deserving of its place in our best video editing software list too. 

The best video editing software you can buy today

1. Adobe Premiere Elements 2021

The best video editing software overall

Compatible with: Mac, PC | Minimum system requirements: Windows 8.1 (64-bit), 2GHz processor, 6.8GB hard disk space; MacOS 10.13, 4GB RAM, 7.4GB hard disk space

Works with both Macs and PCs
Easy to learn and use
New artificial intelligence features now include video
4K support and video stabilization
No 360-degree or VR support
No multicam support

When it comes to user-friendliness, sophisticated features and ways to output your video, the best video editing software is the cross-platform Adobe Premiere Elements. 

The program uses Adobe’s artificial intelligence to make it easier to perform edits. Its Guided Edits feature remains a great tool for demystifying the entire process for novice filmmakers, and there’s now additional support for 4K resolutions and stabilized video. This edition includes such upgrades as selecting a subject and making selective edits, double-exposure video, and real-time effects.

However, it still lacks features such as 360-degree video editing, or support for multicam editing. But Adobe’s program is the most well-rounded of all the video editing software we’ve tested.

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Best video editing software for Windows (and Mac) users

Compatible with: Windows, Mac | Minimum system requirements: Windows 7 (64 bit); Processor: Intel Core i-series or AMD Phenom II; Memory: 4 GB RAM; Graphics: 128 MB VGA VRAM; Storage: 7 GB. Mac OSX 10.14

Square, 1:1 aspect ratio is great for social media
Built-in motion graphics and royalty-free music
Intuitive interface
Audio scrubbing and 4K preview
Not all features available for Mac users