Best e-signature software

Are you looking for the best e-signature software to digitally sign your documents? As the world adapts to a remote and digitized workflow, companies are ditching traditional paperwork in favor of more innovative ways to review and sign documents. 

E-signature software enables you to sign documents digitally by drawing or typing in your signature, eliminating the need to take a print out and sign manually. 

and, both of which cater to business owners looking to streamline their paperwork. 

However, because these applications are dedicated to companies, they can prove a bit too expensive for individual use. , owned by, is another great e-signature app for both individuals and businesses. It integrates very well with cloud storage providers like,,,, and of course, Dropbox. 

For individual users who prefer to pay only for the exact number of documents signed,is a good choice. Finally,is a free alternative that allows you to sign up to three documents per month for zero cost. If you’re an individual who needs to sign a document quickly and without fuss, this is an excellent option.

The best e-signature software you can buy today

1. Adobe Sign

The web’s premiere e-signature app

Price: From $9.99 a month | Platform(s): PC, mobile, web | Integration(s): Microsoft Office, SAP SuccessFactors

Widely recognized
Smartphone compatibility
Complete compliance
Somewhat expensive

is one of the most popular e-signature apps in the market, and has been developed by a powerful name in the creative software industry. As with any other product from Adobe, this one comes packed with features and functionality.

Adobe Sign offers plenty of ways to personalize your signature. You can either hand draw your initials with a mouse or stylus or upload a previously taken image from your device. There’s even an option to use the app’s built-in camera to take a photo of your signature on the spot. 

The software uses an authentication service to ensure complete legal compliance, and recent enhancements allow legal compatibility with life science and pharmaceutical firms. Another feature worth mentioning is integration with the human resources solutions from.

Adobe Sign is available on smartphones and the web. On desktops, you can use the PDF editor, which has built-in support for Adobe Sign. Plans start at $9.99 a month and go up to $19.99 a month with an annual commitment.

2. DocuSign

Dedicated e-signature app for businesses

Price: From $10 a month | Platform(s): Windows, iOS, Android, web | Integration(s): Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Zapier